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How to use available lists online

posted Aug 21, 2016, 8:23 AM by Enrico Fagnoni   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:03 AM by Chiara Casalino ]

Suppose that you want to write an autocomplete script to help a user in writing the name of a river in a form.
Suppose that you need it to be available in different languages. 

You might have a big problem: populating, cleaning, and maintaining the big dataset of the world rivers in all languages is not easy.

Here it is where the Linked Data using their magical power.
With Linked Data you can use DBpedia to access the full list of the world rivers contained in Wikipedia, already available in multiple languages!

DBpedia is a great public service but unfortunately it does not ensure a service level agreement. Frequently, the service is down for maintenance and you cannot predict when it could happen. This is not acceptable, because you need to build a reliable application. Thanks to LinkedData.Center you can solve this problem!

With LinkedData.Center you can easily integrate the data you need from DBpedia into your system thus you can safely use them in your application with the highest levels of reliability. Thanks to the ingestion automation, with LinkedData.Center you just need to specify the subset of data that it is necessary from DBpedia and the frequency of update. LinkedData.Center will keep your data safe, accessible and updated whatever happens.

With a more advanced operation, you can even integrate the requested data from DBpedia with other data sources - both open and private - in order to constitute your personal knowledge base tailored for your specific needs.

Read more and download all example code from GITHUB.