Product data management

The problem

A primary consumer electronic distributor wants to relate sellout data with technical characteristics of products.
Unfortunately, its Product data management system contains only a few data about the product inside and mainly hidden in media file (doc, video, brochures).
For instance, for headphones, the PDMS contains just the SKU, prices, descriptions, weight, but some important characteristics are missing: if the headphone has a mic; wireless or wired, open or closed etc. etc.
This prevents data scientists and analytic programs to detect emerging trends in headphones market.

The solution

Product data can be imported in a knowledge base as linked data. Such knowledge can be enriched with open and external data available on the web.
Some open data are already available as native  Linked OPEN  Data, some others need to be converted. All external data changes on weekly basis.

LinkedData.Center Smart Data as a Service solve  the problem to keep PDMS always updates:


Before Linked Data integration few data were available to detect market trends:
After Linked Data integration market trends clearly emerged: