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Free Tier Policy

Our free tier offers to developers and data scientists the opportunity to try our LinkedData.Center Graph Database as a Service.


  • It is entirely free.
  • It does not require any credit card or payment method to activate.
  • It consists in one month of SDaaS License plus one month of GDaaS service seed plan
  • It lasts one month (30 calendars days).


Full transparency: you will be able to test the complete service before deciding whether to buy or not.
Full control: you can decide at any time to buy or not after the free month is expired.
Full performance: you will use our  “Seed” plan at full performance.

Why a free tier?

We are committed to providing an amazing service. The free tier is our way to demonstrate that.
We want to create a trusted relationship with our subscribers. The free tier is our way to building on that.

How does it work?

To activate the free tier you need an invite code. Each invite code gives you the possibility to activate one free tier for one month (30 calendar days).

The number of invite codes is limited and equal to the available number of free tiers. That is because we want to keep the promise of giving you the ability to test the full-service performance and our resources to guarantee that are limited.

If you don’t have an invite code, you can request one at any time. Once requested, you will enter on a waiting list. As soon as a free tier is available, you will be notified.
Once the free tier has expired, you will have 10 calendars days to forward your invite code to a person of your choice that could be interested in testing our service too. We want satisfied developers, eager to share the opportunity of testing our service with their peers.

If you decide to buy our service, we will use part of that income to increase the number of free tiers of one unit and you will receive an extra invite code. This way you will contribute to the usage and dissemination of Linked Open Data.

If the provided invite codes are not forwarded and used within 10 calendars days, they will expire and will be assigned to other subscribers on the waiting list.

How to activate

It is simple:
  • either if you have an invite code or not, just follow this link http://subscriptions.linkeddata.center/freetier;
  • fill the new user form and register with a username and a password;
  • you will receive a confirmation e-mail that acknowledges reception of your free tier request;
  • if a free tier is available or if you have an invite code, you’ll be notified in few hours with your credentials to start your one-month free tier. Congratulations!
  • If not, you will be notified and inserted in a waiting list.

What happens after the free tier expiring

You’ll receive an email that notifies the trial has expired.
That email will contain the invitation code that you can forward to a person of your choice.
To check the status of your subscription, you can log-in here http://subscriptions.linkeddata.center/login with the username and password used to register.

Once logged in, you will be able to activate any plan of the LinkedData.Center at your choice.

Service Level Agreement

The Free Tier subscription complaints to GDaaS service level agreement with the following exceptions:

  • Service duration: the subscription has a duration of one month and it is not renewable. The service is free.
  • Service retirement: all resource will be disposed of after subscription expiration.
  • Recurring payments: N.A.
  • Credit card security info: N.A.
  • Money Back Guarantee: N.A.