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Graph Database as a Service general SLA


This service level agreement applies to all paid GDaaS plans.

The GDaaS plans are designed for whoever wants to use a standard RDF graph database without bothering with software installation, software maintenance and servers. GDaaS provides private access to a SPARQL endpoint. The GDaaS is consistent with following standard:

  • Http 1.1 protocol
  • SPARQL Query  1.1 
  • SPARQL Update  1.1  
  • SPARQL Protocol 1.1. 
  • SPARQL Service Description 
  • RDF 

The GDaaS plans differ only in the storage capacity and in the level of the support service. For each GDaaS instance, LinkedData.Center reserves the right to select/change the graph database tecnology and vendors.

The subscription has a minimum duration of one month and is automatically renewed on expiration. The service activation is subjected to the payment of a monthly fee. To terminate the subscription, just stop payments.

This service is covered by a Money Back Guarantee.

Provisioning process

The subscription will be activated in one working day. On service activation the subscriber receives an email with:

  • the URL of EKB API server;
  • username and password to access APIs.

Provided features

This plan is optimized to support most of the business that use Linked (Open) Data and provides the following features:

  • a dedicated SPARQL query endpoint;
  • an SPARQL query engine acceleration;
  • a dedicated SPARQL update endpoint;
  • RDF storage capacity and storage space. The RDF storage capacity and the storage space are limited depending on the plan that has been subscribed. The RDF storage ranges from 50 million to 1 billion RDF triples. The storage space ranges from 20GB to 400GB;
  • Unlimited calls to eKB APIs;
  • Elastic scale;
  • Schema-less data model;
  • Software updates;
  • Ticket support. All plans have a premium ticket support service, Mighty plans have a priority ticket support service;
  • Encrypted SSL connection;
  • Cloud hosting;
  • Location fluidity.
Refer to our Features catalog for further details.

Burst management

The service levels can be preserved as long as you remain in the specified range of the bought plan. In any case, we are committed to guaranteeing the service continuity and reliability even when you experience a usage burst. Read all details on our Continuity policy.

Service duration

The subscription has a duration of one month and is automatically renewed on expiration. The service activation is subject to the payment of a monthly subscription fee. Just stop payments to terminate the subscription.

Service retirement

To stop payments:
  • sign in to the subscription portal using the same account you use to subscribe the service;
  • click on the MY-ACCOUNT menu;
  • click on the MY-SUBSCRIPTION tab;
  • find the active subscription that you want to terminate and press the CANCEL payment button.

Before doing this, please be sure to have done a backup of your data. Your subscription will remain active until its date of expiration.

Recurring payments

To ensure service continuity, this subscription requires recurring payments using a valid credit card with the Stripe payment gateway platform. You can stop the recurring payments anytime. Please note that if you stop the recurring payments the service will be terminated at the end of the subscription period.

Credit card security info

We care about your security! We use only payment gateways with a proven very high-security level. Please note that we do not save your credit card info, all your data are only transmitted (encrypted) the first time to Stripe payment gateway for processing.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your first subscription for any reason, you can receive a full refund if you do the following:

Our support staff will review your request and issue a refund.

Note: This money-back guarantee applies only to the first subscription and does not apply to users that breach any term or condition of this Agreement.

General Terms of Use

All use of software available on LinkedData.Center website is subject to LinkedData.Center’s terms of use. In the event of a conflict or disagreement between this document and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will prevail.