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Open Data Scouting SLA


Two different subscriptions are related to Open Data Scouting service:

  • Open Data Scouting feasibility check;
  • Open Data Scouting.

The first one provides a service to analyze the customer expectations and to evaluate the scouting feasibility. The second is the professional service of web scouting.

Open Data requirements feasibility check

This subscription is free and available once for each customer.

Provisioning process

On subscription activation, the subscriber will receive a questionnaire to be answered to define the scouting perimeter and the customer expectations (i.e. the challenge). Our staff will analyze the requests and eventually will contact the subscriber to negotiate the challenge. During this preliminary analysis, our staff will decide about accepting or declining the customer challenge. 

LinkedData.Center will prepare a short report containing the preliminary analysis results.

Subscription duration

One week. 

Provided features

The subscriber will receive a short report with the preliminary analysis results. If LinkedData.Center staff thinks to be able to fulfill the subscriber expectations, a validated requirement ID is released and the customer is entitled to request the Open Data Scouting services with the full Money Back Guarantee.

The service includes one week of premium ticket support.

Open Data scouting

The Open Data Scouting service scouts the web to search some datasets related to the subscriber business objective. It produces a report with the search results.

This service is covered by the Money Back Guarantee only if a preliminary requirements validation was successfully performed.

Provisioning process

The provisioning process starts with the questionnaire filled in by the subscriber during the Open Data requirements collection.

LinkedData.Center starts scouting the web and prepares a report.

Provided features

The web scouting analysis report containing following information:
  • at least three URLs of datasets and datasets metadata;
  • datasets license check.
The service includes one month of premium ticket support.

Subscription duration

The subscription has the duration of one month.

Money Back Guarantee

A full refund is guaranteed to subscribers that negotiated their expectations before subscribing to this service (i.e. provided a validated requirement ID suring subscription); for all other subscribers the maximum refund is 50% of the paid fee. 

If you are unsatisfied with the received report for any reason, before ten days after service expiration, you can receive a total or partial refund if you do the following:

Our support staff will review your request and issue a refund.

We can't accept refund requests based on the quality or the business value of data contained in found datasets.

General Terms of Use

All use of software available on LinkedData.Center website is subject to LinkedData.Center’s terms of use. In the event of a conflict or disagreement between this document and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will prevail.